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AFCO Pinto/Mustang II Spindles (Pair)

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AFCO Pinto/Mustang II Spindles (Pair)

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Q & A

What's in the Box

AFCO Pinto/Mustang II spindles are 100% new forged steel (not re-worked OEM). Spindles are NOT stamped with Ford part number. For use on modifieds, sportsmans cars, drag cars and street cars.

Brake brackets sold separately.

Note Catalog Correction:  Spindle features a stock 10 deg pin inclination, not 7 deg as noted in previous catalog.

Item Details

Sold as a PAIR.

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IMCA Approved Pinto-Mustang II Spindles
(Part #91034313)
                        Brand NEW, heat-treated forged Mustang II steel spindle that retains the exact OEM geometry of the 74-78 Mustang II or 74-80 Pinto spindle. This is the ONLY aftermarket spindle allowed by IMCA. Work great with our 10" HD Hybrid Rotors as well as with stock rotors, bearings, calipers, ect. Stock 7 5/8" height.  Easy to install.
Speedway Granada 10-1/2 Inch Brake Caliper Bracket, LH
(Part #91674095)

These brackets are used to mount a GM "metric" calipers to 1974-1980 Pinto/Mustang II spindles for use with what is basically a "Granada" 10-1/2" brake rotor. Steel, bolt-on design mounts the caliper on the rear side of the left front wheel.

AFCO IMCA Approved Pinto/Mustang II Spindle, Left
(Part #10630435L)

AFCO Pinto/Mustang II spindles are 100% new forged steel (not re-worked OEM). "IMCA" is forged on the spindle. For use on IMCA Modifieds, sportsmans cars, drag cars and street cars.

Left and Right spindles sold individually. Brake brackets sold separately.

AFCO 40120 Weld-On Rear Caliper Bracket, 3/16 Inch Thick
(Part #10640120)

AFCO weld-on brackets for GM single-piston iron calipers. Fits 3" axle tubes.

This bracket is 7-1/16" center to center.

AFCO 9851-8545 Pinto/Mustang II Spindle Nut
(Part #10698518545)
                        Afco Pinto/Mustang II Spindle Nut