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AFCO 200-1006 Low Friction 1982-92 GM F-Body Front Suspension

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AFCO 200-1006 Low Friction 1982-92 GM F-Body Front Suspension

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

This Low Friction kit from AFCO frees up your front suspension and allows it to work the way it was designed. The kit includes low friction ball joints and lightweight lower arm bushings with nylon inserts. Due to the superior materials used, this kit promotes front end alignment during usage (unlike O.E. soft rubber bushings). Perfect or ProTouring, SCCA, and Drag Racing cars.

  • Assembled kits for easy ordering
  • No modifications necessary-simply choose your application and go
  • Reduced suspension "stiction"
  • Increases ability to transfer weight
  • Precision machining promotes front end alignment during usage (unlike O.E. rubber bushings)
  • Kits contain lightweight lower bushings (nylon inserts for reduced weight and less friction) 

This kit contains: (2) lower ball joints and (4) lower control arm bushings.


  • '82-'92 Chevrolet Camaro
  • '82-'92 Pontiac Firebird

Item Details

'82-'92 Camaro, Firebird

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  • Rebound adjustment controls body roll and properly dampens spring for overall handling synergy 
  • Factory Dyno Tested for performance
  • Made in the USA

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