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AFCO 40122PR Right Front 10 Inch Hybrid Brake Rotor Caliper Bracket

Centerline of Holes:
Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Powder Coated
Thread Pitch:
Hardware Included:
Material Thickness:
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Includes bolts and spacer.
AFCO 40122PR Right Front 10 Inch Hybrid Brake Rotor Caliper Bracket

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What's in the Box

Use with 1974-1980 Pinto/Mustang II spindle, 10" hybrid rotor and GM 1978-up "Metric" caliper.

Sides are reversed on '73 & older spindles.

Item Details

GM Metric caliper
Thread: 7/16" Fine
Thickness: 1/4"

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                        Use with Pinto spindle, 10" hybrid rotor and GM 1978-up "Metric" caliper. Available for left or right side. 
AFCO 9850-6505 10 Inch Hybrid Brake Rotor for Pinto
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This brake rotor combines the strength of a '75-'81 Ford-style hub (Granada) with the lighter design of the metric brake rotor for an unbeatable lightweight and durable package.  AFCO engineers designed this rotor with the latest CAD software and testing methods.  Manufactured to withstand rigorous racing environments, the AFCO Hybrid Rotor uses totally new castings designed and built specifically for racing.  It will remove up to 12 lbs. of sprung weight on the front of your car to improve front to rear weight bias and wheel control.

  • Uses GM metric caliper
  • Ford '74-'80 Pinto Spindle
  • Strong and Lightweight
  • Safely remove up to 13 lbs from the front of your car vs stock rotor
  • 14.8# total rotor weight with 5/8" studs
  • 10.13" diameter
  • .813" thickness (pad spacer recommended)

Instructions (PDF) 

Hybrid Brake Rotor Conversion Kit
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This kit is for you guys already running Pinto spindles but want to swap out your heavy Granada rotors for the lighter Hybrids. Re-use your metric calipers. 5 x 5" bolt pattern.

  • Two new IMCA approved 10" hybrid rotors
  • Left hand and right hand hybrid caliper brackets
  • Hardware
  • Four new wheel bearings
  • Two seals
  • Two new dust caps

This brake kit is designed for dirt circle track applications only. It is not to be used for asphalt, pavement, or drag racing applications.

Low Friction Oil Bath 10 Inch Hybrid Brake Rotor Kit
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Reduce drag on your race car with this innovative kit from Speedway. The Oil Bath Brake Rotor uses straight 30wt oil to lubricate the wheel bearings instead of grease, which significantly reduces friction. Oil can be easily changed using the supplied tapped plug.

You get (1) oil bath 10" hybrid rotor with races installed, 5/8" course thread quick-start studs, and (1) special O-ring dust cap (each rotor sold individually). Pre-drilled holes include 5 on 4-3/4" and 5 on 5" bolt circle spacing. 

  • Less Friction
  • Less Heat
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less Mess


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