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AFCO 80154BK Billet Radiator Filler Neck

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AFCO 80154BK Billet Radiator Filler Neck

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Q & A

What's in the Box

AFCO's billet aluminum radiator filler necks offer improved strength and appearance over stamped versions comes. Comes with a 1/8" aluminum hose nipple.

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Moroso 63420 Manifold Filler Neck
(Part #54563420)

Makes manifold the highest filling point.  For cooling problems where radiator is mounted low. Fits both right or left applications. Sender mount. Fits GM V8, 90° V6.

  • Locates filler neck at highest point on cars with low-mount radiators to bleed off air
  • Unit can be flipped 180° for either right or left outlet location
  • Includes 1/2" NPT fitting for installing water temperature sending unit and two 1/4" NPT fittings for return lines on popular aftermarket cylinder heads
  • Made of 356-T6 cast aluminum; 3-1/4" high
  • Includes gaskets, bolts and washers, and standard size radiator cap filler neck
  • Cap is NOT included


Speedway 180 Degree High Flow Thermostat
(Part #91015703)

Speedway takes a quality Robertshaw 330-180 high flow 180° thermostat, then modifies it to function properly in high RPM, high flow applications. They feature a balanced sleeve design and are strongly recommended for any performance application. Fits most domestic applications.

  • 2-1/8" diameter 
  • High flow 180° thermostat
  • Balanced sleeve design
  • Recommended for any performance application
  • Fits most domestic applications

Learn more about the importance of the thermostat with cooling systems and how they work by reading our tech article, Cooling System Principles.

Stant 10393 High Pressure Racing Radiator Cap, 28-32 Lbs
(Part #91015707)

Used by all the top NASCAR teams. The best high pressure radiator caps you can buy!

Learn more about cooling systems, how to choose the proper pressure cap, and how they work by reading our tech article. Cooling System Principles

Billet Aluminum Radiator Neck
(Part #91015708)
                        Billet Aluminum Radiator Neck. This is a standard size neck. 
Inline Die Cast Filler Neck, 1.5 Inch Hose
(Part #5752202)

This 1-1/2" inline hose adapter allows you to put a radiator fill cap inline. Use a bleeder valve to get all air out. 

Note:  You must use a Stant brand radiator cap in conjunction with this filler neck, such as # 910-15706.