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AFCO 80199 Adjustable Electric Fan Thermostat

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3/8" NPT
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Includes wiring harness, temperature probe, inline fuse, and 30 Amp relay.
AFCO 80199 Adjustable Electric Fan Thermostat

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Externally adjustable fan switch with an activation temperature of 150°-240° F allows you to custom set your fan activation. Thermal fan switch will operate up to two fans to simplify multi-fan operation. Radiator fan switch may also be wired to an AC-equipped car to operate the fan(s) anytime the AC is switched on to keep the AC operating cold.

  • 30 Amp relay included
  • ATC (blade-style) inline fuse
  • 3/8" male NPT temperature probe

106-80199 Instructions (PDF)

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Flex-A-Lite 31147 Adjustable Electric Fan Control Kit
(Part #91064014)
                        This kit lets you make any electric fan thermostatically controlled. Just turn a knob to change activating temperature from 170°-240° F. Complete kit includes adjustable temperature control, 2' capillary tube, wire, terminals, and instructions. 

All electric fans and related components are 12 volt only.

910-64014 Instructions (PDF)

SPAL Thermoswitch Relay and Wiring Harness Kit
(Part #91064028)

This easy to use cooling fan relay kit includes a labeled wiring harness, 40 amp relay, fuse holder and coolant sensor. Available with 185° on/165° off or 195° on/175° off. Works great with the Spal Pulse-Width Fan Controller.

  • Relay wiring kits are a must-have when installing an electric fan
  • Designed to safely integrate with OEM wiring
  • Waterproof 40/50 Amp relay
  • Printed wires (for ease of installation)
  • 3/8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) stainless steel switch
  • Optional switched override capability
910-64028 Instructions (PDF)
Cooling Fan Control for Mechanical Gauges
(Part #91064024)

Easy to install and adjust! This is the slickest thing we've seen in years. This adjustable box simply uses your mechaical temperature gauge as the sending unit to control your cooling fan. Includes a temperature sender (1/8" NPT fitting) which installs into your engine's water jacket. Installation is as simple as hooking up seven wires and then turning a knob on the end of the box to set the on and off temperatures for the fan.

Features a built-in 30 amp relay to provide maximum power to your fan and it comes with a tiny LED lamp to let you know when the fan is running plus a fuselink to protect the wiring between the temperature control unit and the fan.

  • No radiator tube
  • Uses existing wiring
  • Simple hookup
  • Fully adjustable
  • Driver-controlled temperature
  • A/C compressor switch to automatically turn on fans
  • 30 amp relay inside box
  • Protective fuse link
  • For 12 volt electrical systems
  • Measures 4-3/4" x 3" x 1-1/4"


AFCO 80197 Universal Electric Fan Mounting Kit
(Part #10680197)

This neat kit allows you to mount an electric fan to your street rod radiator. Works great with AFCO electric fans.

The maximum mounting distance on the plates of this kit is 22-1/4".  The minimum mounting distance on the plates is 15-1/4".

Instructions (PDF) 

AFCO 80128X10 Aluminum Weld-On Female Fitting, 3/8 Inch NPT Thread
(Part #10680128X10)

AFCO weld-on aluminum female fitting.

  • 3/8" NPT thread
AFCO 85286 Electric Fan Switch, 200 Degree On, 1/4 NPT
(Part #10685286)

This AFCO electric fan switch uses a ground wire to turn the electric cooling fan on. The thermal fan switch features a 1/4" NPT threaded brass body with a spade terminal for hook-up. Cooling fan switch activates a cooling fan relay (not included, sold seperately) when the bulb is immersed in coolant that is 200° F. When the engine cools to 185° F, the contacts on the fan relay switch open, and the fan stops automatically. Make sure the temperature fan switch bulb is submerged in the HOT engine coolant.

  • Non-adjustable radiator fan sensor 
  • ON @ 200° F
  • OFF @ 185° F
  • Uses ground wire to switch current to fan
Titan Tools 11475 Self Adjusting Wire Stripper
(Part #72811475)
  • Automatically adjusts to strip 24 - 10 AWG wire and cable
  • Crimps 22 -10 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire terminals
  • Crimps 7 - 8mm ignition terminals
  • Wire cutter
  • Comfortable TPR hand grips
Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper
(Part #72811477)
  • Ratcheting mechanism design
  • Adjustable crimping compression
  • Steel jaw
  • Color coded wire sizes
    • Red 22-18AWG-DIN 0.5-1.0mm
    • Blue 16-14AWG-DIN 1.5-2.5mm
    • Yellow 12-10AWG-DIN 4-6mm
Flex-A-Lite 31163 Temp Sensitive Variable Speed Control Fan Controller
(Part #35931163)
  • 45 amp rating
  • Senses coolant temperature via screw-in sensor (included)
  • Sets fan speed from 60% to 100% depending on built-in setting
  • Fan will run for 30 seconds after engine shut-off
  • Temp. range: 160°-220° F
  • 12 volt use only

359-31163 Instructions (PDF)

Afco 8000044401 Universal Single Cooling Fan Wire Harness, 40 Amp Relay
(Part #1068000044401)

These heavy duty single fan wire harness kits from Afco are designed as a universal kit for positive or negative controlled units.  They feature a 40 amp relay, heavy gauge wiring, and all connectors needed.

  • Hardware included
  • Color installation instructions included
  • 40 amp relay
  • Positive or Negative controlled
  • Universal for single cooling fan
  • Temp switch sold seperately


Afco 8000044402 Universal Dual Cooling Fan Wire Harness, 40 Amp Relays
(Part #1068000044402)
                        These heavy duty dual fans wire harness kits from Afco are designed  as a universal kit for positive or negative controlled units.  They  feature 40 amp relays, heavy gauge wiring, and all connectors needed.
  • Hardware included
  • Color installation instructions included
  • 40 amp relays
  • Positive or Negative controlled
  • Universal for dual cooling fans
  • Temp switch sold seperately
Aluminum Pipe Bushing Reducer Fitting, 1/2 NPT to 3/8 NPT
(Part #6176158)

Aluminum pipe bushing reducer adapter fitting. Blue anodized finish.

Fitting Thread Application Chart (GIF)

Threaded Aluminum Weld Bung Fitting, 3/8 Inch NPT Female
(Part #6176803)

We offer these premium-quality weld-in bungs for a variety of uses. They're CNC-machined from solid aluminum and are great for oil or fuel tanks, radiators, valve covers, manifolds, and rear axle housings.

Aluminum female pipe thread weld bung fitting.

Threaded Aluminum Weld Bung Fitting

  • 3/8 Inch NPT

Fitting Thread Application Chart (GIF)