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AFCO 3760Z 37 Series Double Adj Twin Tube Shock-6 In-Comp 3-6/Reb 3-6


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What's in the Box

  • Twin tube design for the ultimate in traction when traction is at its worst
  • Double adjustable shock with no external canister
  • Fits many shock rules
  • Late Model/Crate Late Model applications (standard front)
  • Threaded aluminum body
  • Includes coil-over hardware kit


  • Compressed Length: 12.18"
  • Extended Length: 18.10"

Item Details

Comp/Rebound: 3-6/3-6

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AFCO 20135 Big Body Aluminum Shock Threaded Coil-over Kit

Replacement coil-over kit for AFCO 13T, 21, 26, 31, 32, 35, 36 & 37 Series shocks using 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs.

  • For 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs
  • Replacement coil-over kit
  • Fits: AFCO 13T, 21, 26, 31, 32, 35, 36 & 37 Series shocks
AFCO 3700-1 Late Model Double Adj. Twin Tube TrackPak 4-Link Shock Set
                        Includes coil-over kit hardware (106-20135) for each shock and detailed tuning guide.
AFCO 3780SAZ 37 Series Alum Body Double Adj Twin Tube Shocks - 8 Inch

AFCO Aluminum Body Double Adjustable Twin Tube Shocks.  8 Inch Stroke

Includes coilover hardware kit. 

AFCO 3770Z 37 Series Alum Adj Twin Tube Shock, 7 In., Comp 3-6/Reb 3-6

AFCO Aluminum Body Double Adjustable Twin Tube Shocks.  7 Inch Stroke.

  • Compressed Length: 13.18"
  • Extended Length: 20.10"

Includes coilover hardware kit.

AFCO 3790SAZ 37 Series Body Twin Tube Shock, 9 Inch, Comp 3-6/Reb 3-6

AFCO's T2 twin-tube adjustable shock has many of the ground breaking features of the proven M2 series to provide unmatched control and adjustability from a twin-tube package. 

  • Completely new design (adapted from the M2 shock)
  • Provides precise control on valving changes at all shaft speeds
  • Low speed sensitivity to valve changes substantially enhanced (where the shock controls the car's weight transfer forces)
  • Keeps the car planted!
  • For late model/crate late model applications
  • Includes coil-over hardware kit
AFCO 20379 Coilover Shock Protectors

AFCO's Coil-Over Shock Protectors come as a set of 4.

  • Prevents rod guide damage
  • Prevents thread damage
  • Works on all AFCO big body threaded aluminum shocks
  • Simple to install - threads on
  • Tightens into place - won't come off during the race
  • No need to trim - protects shock where it needs it
  • Most economical solution on the market!
AFCO 20150 Remote Cockpit Adjuster

This great new product features a spring and ball detent system, giving the driver a positive feel for accurate adjustments.  The adjuster knob has a convenient glow-in-the-dark label, making it easy for the driver to make the right adjustments under race conditions.  The kit comes with a universal mounting bracket, making installation a breeze!

Instructions (PDF)