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AFCO 3673-36 36 Series Adjustable Twin Tube Shock-7 In, Comp 3/Reb 3-6

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Twin Tube
Single Adjustable
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Large Body
AFCO 3673-36 36 Series Adjustable Twin Tube Shock-7 In, Comp 3/Reb 3-6

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • Item 106367336 is made to order. We will ship it from our warehouse when it is produced.



Q & A

What's in the Box

  • Twin tube design
  • Threaded aluminum body 
  • 7" stroke
  • 13.90" compressed length
  • 20.90" extended length
  • Includes coil-over hardware kit

Item Details

Comp./Rebound: 3/3-6 Rear

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AFCO's 36 Series Twin-Tube Adjustable shock has many of the ground breaking features of the proven M2 series to provide unmatched control and adjustability from a twin-tube package.

  • Provides precise control on valving changes at all shaft speeds
  • Low speed sensitivity to valve changes substantially enhanced (where the shock controls the car's weight transfer forces)
  • Keeps the car planted!
  • Each shock includes a coil-over kit, tuning guide and dyno sheet
  • For dirt late models
AFCO 2683-36Z 26 Series Adjustable Gas Shock, 8 Inch, Comp 3/Reb 3-6
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AFCO 26 Series T2 aluminum body single adjustable (rebound) shock

  • Gas pressure single adjustable
  • Schrader valve/floating piston design for gas pressure tuning 
  • Stroke:  8
  • Compressed Length:  14.00"
  • Extended Length:  20.91"
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AFCO 3865M Mopar Eliminator Single Adjustable Front Shock, 6 In Stroke
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AFCO Eliminator Twin Tube Adjustable FRONT shocks are built specifically for drag racing. Using advanced onboard diagnostics, AFCO developed the Eliminator Series to precisely control your race car at every point on the track. With the easy-to-use, repeatable "click" settings, this shock will give you unsurpassed traction.

Single (Rebound) Adjustable shocks are an economical alternative that gives you the ability to adjust rebound dampening control without affecting the compression dampening characteristics of the shock.

  • Body Mount:  1/2" I.D. Bearing (1.06" wide)
  • Shaft Mount:  9/16" Stud (3-1/8" length, 1-1/8" threads, 1-3/4" washers)
  • Lightweight aluminum construction easily dissipates heat 
  • Rebound settings are adjusted via a shaft-mounted knob with 32 clicks
  • Smooth, Ultra Low Friction rod guide
  • Low resistance allows internals to function to their fullest potential
  • Almost no "stiction" to interfere with putting the power down
  • Coil-over Ready w/ purchase of kit 106-20135D

See Applications tab for Dodge-Plymouth chassis fittment.