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AFCO 3190CA 31 Series Alum Mono-Tube Single Adj. Shock, 9 Inch Stroke

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Mono Tube
Single Adjustable
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Large Body
AFCO 3190CA 31 Series Alum Mono-Tube Single Adj. Shock, 9 Inch Stroke
AFCO 3190CA 31 Series Alum Mono-Tube Single Adj. Shock, 9 Inch Stroke
AFCO 3190CA 31 Series Alum Mono-Tube Single Adj. Shock, 9 Inch Stroke

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Q & A

What's in the Box

AFCO innovation provides racers with more options.  The 31 Series Single adjustable shock brings the race proven advantages of the M2 Mono-Tube Shock to a non-canister single adjustable design.  Simply put, AFCO's M2 Single gives your racecar more sensitivity, more adjustment range, more versatility, and more traction!

  • Swiv-Align floating spring seat removes nearly all side forces from the shaft and makes the M2's damping smoother and more consistent than other shocks without any added expense
  • Easy to use, shaft mounted, detented and sealed adjuster knob for quick changes
  • Easy to fill / adjust gas pressure valve
  • Threaded shock body for coilover hardware

Late Model 4-Link Gas Shock Chart (Link)


  • Dirt Late Model/Crate Late Model
  • Recommended 4-Link Gas Shock
    • Left Rear inFront/Traction Shocks
      • Base, Slick Track Condition


Internal Bladder 

Just like the more expensive M2 Double Adjustable, the M2 Single incorporates a gas charged bladder design to provide lightning fast response to high frequency shaft movement while maintaining exceptional low speed dampening control.

 Low Friction

All the M2's low friction components are utilized in the single adjustable model to provide consistent fade free performance and allow the key functions of the shock to work at their maximum effictiveness.

Compression or Rebound Adjustable

The M2 Single can be ordered in compression or rebound adjustable to suit your tuning needs.  Either way, the M2's unique design allows for completely independent control with absolutely no change in the fixed valve portion of the shock.

All AFCO M2 shocks are 100% dyno tested, rebuildable and revalvable. 

All shocks include dyno sheet and tuning instructions.  All shocks except for 1063190CA include a coil over kit. 

For dirt late models.


  • Stroke: 9"
  • Compressed Length: 15.00"
  • Extended Length: 22.91"
  • Fixed 0 rebound / Adjustable 3-6 comp.

Item Details

This is a Traction Shock- Does Not include Coil Over Kit
Compressed Length: 16.80"
Extended Length: 25.80"
Fixed 0 rebound / Adjustable 3-6 comp.

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