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AFCO 20407 Ford 9 Inch Torque Link Brackets


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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a pair.



Q & A

What's in the Box

  • "Forward mount" design provides increased pull bar angle and forward bit during axle wrap-up and chassis lift over conventional mounting positions centered on axle
  • -8 degree pinion angle allows torque link to be mounted 4" ahead and 12" above axle centerline
  • Forward mounting reduces axle wrap-up from 25-33 percent, which provides consistent corner entry handling during axle wrap-down and improves U-joint life. 
  • Multiple holes for mounting torque link and dampener shock
  • 3/8" holes allow stiffener braces to be added on high horsepower applications
  • Laser cut design fits most rear ends. (Some trimming of brackets may be needed depending on housing configurations) 

Instructions (PDF)

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The Ultimate Spring Loaded Pull Bar
                        This ultimate spring loaded pull bar has linear bearings for smooth, wear-free operation.  Pull bar allows 3" of adjustment and is designed for 6" to 8" springs, but can be modified for shorter springs. It also features travel indicator 3/4" rod end and 3/4" RH threads.
Outlaw Bearing Pull Bar
                        The outlaw bearing pull bar uses 5" springs. Body length is 9 7/8",  min. eye to eye length is 22 1/4",  fully extended eye to eye length is 28 1/4".
Lightweight Biscuit Bar
                        This IMCA approved lightweight biscuit pull bar comes with an 10" sleeve that gives you a 22" center to center installed length. If a different length is required, simply order different sleeve listed.  

Replacement rubber bushings are available in multiple durometer ratings (red "medium" rubbers supplied with bar). Two rubber bushings needed per bar.
AFCO One-Way Torque Link

The sealed bushing gives you bind-free performance in all conditions and gives you maximum forward bite. Uses 5" O.D. by 6-5/8" springs. 

Use a 1050# springs on slick tracks and 1200# spring normally. Spings sold separately. Subtract 16" from finished center to center to get 3/4" tube length required. 

Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21209X

Garage Sale - Afco Urethane Bushing Style Torque Link

The large diameter urethane bushings in this AFCO Torque Link give you superior torque control and excellent forward bite under all track conditions, while the urethane brake bushing aids corner entry handling. The unique sealed bushing slide assembly provides bind-free performance under all track conditions.

Torque bushings are sold separately, including brake bushing. 

Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21208U

106-21208U Instructions (PDF)


Clearance item!!




Garage Sale - AFCO Two-Way Torque Link

This AFCO Two-Way Torque Link is engineered for "open wheel modifieds," where rules will not allow two torque absorbing devices. It utilizes a unique dual-action retainer that allows one spring to be used for acceleration and deceleration torque control. This component was designed to aid in corner entry, especially under slick track conditions. Provides the advantage of a six coil suspension using only five coils as well as excellent forward bite under all track conditions. 

Uses 5" O.D. by 6-5/8" springs.

Springs sold separately. Subtract 16" from finished center to center to get 3/4" tube length required. 

  • Built-in deceleration control
  • Eliminates torque arm and 6th coil
  • Sealed bushing slide assembly provides bind-free performance under all track conditions

Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21220X

106-21220X Instructions (PDF)





AFCO 21206X Dual Shaft Urethane Bushing Torque Link


  • Isolated brake bushing for more effective control on corner entry
  • Bind-free design with sealed housing and grease fittings for easy maintenance
  • Built-in travel indicator to monitor acceleration travel and deceleration travel
  • Heavy duty design to handle open class modified motors
  • Add a second brake bushing for even wider brake tuning options
Please note that the Torque Bushings are sold separately.


Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21206X 

AFCO 21207X Three Stage Torque Link

The "three stage" torque link provides adjustable progressive action for ultimate torque control and traction. Torque is absorbed by the coil spring to provide the initial forward bite. As engine torque increases, the poly bushings engage to increase torque to the rear tires. Engagement point of the poly bushings can be adjusted independently from the coil spring to allow for changing track conditions. 

Due to its unique twin shaft design the engine side and brake side operate independently. This allows corner entry and exit to be tuned separately. Bushing/spring pre-load is always maintained. Also the brake bushing works more effectively because it's not loaded with engine spring pre-load. The car turns better during decelleration as a result. 

Suggested Tube Lengths for 106-21207X

10621207X Operation Manual (PDF)