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AFCO 20125A 10 & 14 Series Coilover

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Includes retaining clips and zip ties.
AFCO 20125A 10 & 14 Series Coilover
AFCO 20125A 10 & 14 Series Coilover

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What's in the Box

AFCO Coil-over 5" sleeve kit for 10 & 14 Series shocks, using 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs.

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Garage Sale - AFCO XCS 2-5/8 I.D. Coil-Over Springs, 12 Inch
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This is garage sale priced because it has been discontinued. 



The AFCOIL XCS Series barrel springs are designed to eliminate the common problem of interference between the spring and the shock body. Increasing the diameter of the active coils has reduced both the slenderness ratio (spring length vs. diameter) and the potential stress levels of XCS springs compared to standard diameter coil-over springs.

As a result, XCS springs will not buckle under load and will provide more shock clearance than standard diameter coil-over springs. XCS series springs require no special mounting hardware and, in most cases, weigh the same or less than standard coil-over springs. 

All AFCOILS carry a lifetime warranty to remain within 2% of the original nominal free height.

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Eliminates interference between coil and shock
  • Will not buckle under load
  • Replaces standard coil-over spring
  • 3" I.D. active coils
  • 2-5/8" I.D. end coils
AFCO Yellow 2-5/8 I.D. Coil-Over Springs, 4 Inch
(Part #10626)

There's a lot riding on your springs-literally. Springs are your car's connection to the ground, and their performance is directly related to all other suspension components. Inconsistent, weak springs can cause a multitude of handling problems, and in some cases, dangerous situations. When it comes to choosing coil springs there are many alternatives, but if you want the best you can get, the choice is clear: choose Afcoils. 

All Afcoils carry a lifetime warranty to remain within 2% of the original nominal free height. Choose your length and rate. 

  • Machine-ground on both ends to tolerances within 1 degree
  • Pressed to solid height and "pre-set" - eliminates potential for additional set
  • Optimized material thickness and coil spacing
  • Made of super-high tensile strength chrome silicon wire for long life and and a consistent rate
  • All springs are cold wound on the latest automated coiling equipment and heat treated twice during manufacturing to be able to withstand even the most abusive conditions
  • To further enhance durability, Afcoils are shot-peened and coated with a durable yellow finish

Afcoil Spring Rate Guide (GIF)

AFCO 20125A-7 10/14 Series Coilover Kit-Big Steel Smooth 7 Inch Sleeve
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                        AFCO Coil-over 7" sleeve kit for 10 & 14 Series shocks, using 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs.