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8 Inch Bench Mount Hand Shear

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8 Inch Bench Mount Hand Shear
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8 Inch Bench Mount Hand Shear

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This heavy duty shear allows you to cut up to 3/16" seteel or 3/8" round bar by hand. It has 8" blades which allows easy cutting. 

419-1500 Instructions (pdf)

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Racer X
Verified Purchaser
Miami Florida

love it love it love it great tool

January 26, 2016
great for cutting straight sheet metal, works fine
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

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1 answers

Will 8 inch bench mount hand shear cut copper and silver metals? Can it be used without mounting it to a bench? Will it also cut copper and silver and if so what gauges? Thanks

Florida, USA
December 26, 2014

Will 8 inch bench mount hand shear cut copper and silver metals? Can it be used without mounting it to a bench? Will it also cut copper and silver and if so what gauges? Thanks


December 29, 2014
The manufacture doesn't put specifications for every metal or material that this can be used with. You will have to compare the hardness of the material with that of an average steel to get an idea of the the material thickness it can work with.
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Bench Mount Rotary Shear
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This heavy duty rotary shear uses a ratcheting head which allows you to cut up to 1/8" steel by hand. It has an adjustable cutter, work stop and is a throatless design. 

419-2000 Instructions (pdf)

Hand Shrinker/Stretcher
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Anytime you are working with sheet metal you will need one of these. It will allow you to produce curves as tight as 3" radius for patch panels, wheel openings or any fabrication job. For up to 18 gauge mild steel or 16 gauge aluminum. 

419-2500 Instructions (PDF)

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419-1000 Instructions (pdf) 

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Small Sheet Metal Scribe
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                        Simplify your sheet metal working job.  Simply run the tool down the edge of your material allowing the needle to locate perfectly measured lines every time.  Stainless Steel construction.  Measures .25", .375", .625", .875", and 1.125".
Book/Manual - Automotive Sheet Metal Forming and Fabricating
(Part #28178196)
                        Sheet metal forming and fabrication is an  essential automotive art. Creating door skins, fenders, hoods, and a  myriad of other components from sheet metal is a crucial skill for  restoring many muscle cars, building custom parts for hot rods, and  fabricating parts for classic or competition cars. While many  specialized and expensive tools are used to form sheet metal into  functional and completed parts, simple metal working hammers, dollies,  anvils, and shot bags can be used to create complex curves and crowns.  This book shows the inclined enthusiast how to design and fabricate with  inexpensive and simple tools as well as how to use more specialized  tools, such as an English wheel. Automotive Sheet Metal Forming &  Fabrication provides the know-how for people who are working, or want to  work, along the nearly endless learning curve of this craft. It  provides instruction for most of the common processes and operations in  sheet metal fabrication work. The book also covers some of the more  exotic tools, equipment, and techniques, but the emphasis is largely on  the reliable basics. Matt Joseph, author of best-selling book Automotive  Bodywork & Rust Repair, also discusses how to determine elastic  limits as well as how to shrink and expand metal, heating and annealing,  and many other metal working techniques.
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