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7/16 Inch to AN3 Banjo Fitting

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7/16 Inch to AN3 Banjo Fitting
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7/16 Inch to AN3 Banjo Fitting

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Watch the video below to learn more about the differences in brake lines, flare types and fittings you may want to consider before plumbing away on your current chassis project.



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7/16 Inch to AN3 Banjo Fitting

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Banjo Brake Fitting Kit, 7/16-20 to -3 AN
(Part #6172930)
                        One part number gets you all the parts needed to hook a -3 AN style line to a GM caliper. Each kit includes 2 banjo bolts, 2 banjo fittings, and 5 washers. Each kit services 2 calipers.
Braided Stainless AN 12 Inch Brake Line
(Part #91031842)

Braided stainless covering over a Teflon inner liner. These are perfect for brake lines, clutch lines and gauge lines. These have straight AN3 or AN4 fittings on both ends. Sold each.

AN 3 O.D. is .265 and AN 4 O.D. is .305

Select applicable length. AN size is the "-#" at the end of each part number.

Goodridge -3 AN and -4 AN Kevlar Brake Lines, 12 Inch
(Part #91031812)

These lightweight Kevlar brake lines are stronger than braided brake lines. They will take more abuse with less expansion. Plus, these lines are smooth and will not rub off your paint like braided lines can.

Choose -3 AN or -4 AN aluminum ends. 

Stainless 12 Inch Brake Line with 90 Degree End
(Part #91031897)
                        These high quality stainless steel, braided fluid lines have a 90° fitting on one end and a straight fitting on the other. They work well for brake lines, clutch lines and gauge lines. These are available with AN3 or AN4 fittings. Sold individually.

Select applicable length. AN size is the "-#" at the end of the part number.

90 Degree AN3 to 3/8 Inch-24 Brake Adapter Fitting
(Part #6172060)

If you have a master cylinder, caliper or brake valve that has the common 3/8"-24 IFF inlet or outlet, this fitting will allow you full adjustment in a limited space.

Simply thread fitting in and tighten jam nut and you are good to go. Accepts AN3 hoses or lines. 

Steel 7/16 Inch x 20 Brake Banjo Bolt
(Part #6172922)

These brake banjo bolts are designed to fit your OEM brake lines and calipers. They are manufactured from quality materials and then plated to resist corrosion. These brake banjo bolts give you leak-free performance and consistent fluid pressure delivered to your brake caliper.

Brake Banjo Bolt

  • Steel
  • 7/16 Inch x 20
  • 2 crush washers included
  • For use with banjo fittings

Note: To measure what size fitting you have, you will need to measure the outside diameter of the threads and check the tread pitch. To check for thread pitch you will need to count the number of threads you have in 1". It is easier if you have a thread pitch gauge which should be available at your local hardware/bolt supply store. This particular fitting measures 7/16" thread outside diameter and has 20 Threads Per Inch (TPI).

7/16 Inch Crush Washers 5/Pk
(Part #6173513)
                        Crush washers come 5 in a package.