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429-460 Ford Weld-In Motor Mounts

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429-460 Ford Weld-In Motor Mounts

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These 429-460 Ford motor mount kits allow you to put that 'little bit different' engine in your project. They have urethane bushings and include both the engine and frame brackets. Frame brackets must be cut to fit and welded to frame. 


  • 3-bolt engine flange measures 4-7/8" x 5-1/2"
  • Tab extends 1-3/4" center of mounting hole
  • Upper bolt holes are 2" center to center and vertical spacing is 3-5/16" center to center
  • Frame mount is 6-1/2" from center of bushing sleeve to end of weld on tab
  • Lower weld on tab extends an additional 1-1/4" further than the top tab
  • Bushing outside diameter is 1-1/2" and bushing length is 3"

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Big Block Ford Current Big Block Motor Mount
(Part #7209313)

Mounts 1969-up 429 and 460 engines in most frames from 28"-38" wide. Just trim to width and either weld it directly to frame or to the 3 hole flanges (included) for bolt-in convenience. Black powder coat finish.

720-9313 Instructions (PDF)



NOTE: We've found a lot of variation in width of Ford blocks. Bolt the cushion to the block first to get proper width measurement. Mounts are not returnable once they've been altered or installed!

Ford C4-Ford C6 Transmission Cushions
(Part #91018017)

The studs on the Ford C4 or Ford C6 tranny mount are 10mm x 1.5 thread. It is a standard replacement mount that fits most Fords and is not uncommon, as metric fasteners have been used on domestic vehicles for over 25 years. For Ford C4 and Ford C6 application.

The slots in the crossmember will require a little grinding to use this mount.

Tubular Transmission Mount with 4 Inch Drop
(Part #91628904)

Universal rear transmission mounts and heavy duty tube crossmember. Fit most GM, Ford, and Mopar manual and auto transmissions. Black powder coated finish. Crossmember must be welded directly into frame or to 3 hole mounting flanges for bolt-in application. Fits frames up to 38" wide.


Note: May require re-drilling of the mount holes when used with Ford C4/C6 trans cushion 910-18017.

Quick Time RM-8011 Big Block Ford Steel Bellhousing, T10 & Toploader
(Part #91027026)

These strong, lightweight steel bellhousings are just the ticket for installing a Borg-Warner T10 or Toploader 4-speed manual transmission behind your favorite V8 engine. We're now offering them for big block Ford 400, 429 and 460.

The compact design allows the bellhousings to fit in tight quarters and most will accommodate up[ to a 10-1/2" clutch. Set up to use an original style clutch fork and release bearing, but can also be used with hydraulic release bearings.  

Drilled for most major throwout bearings. Includes lower flywheel cover.

  •     Height = 6.300
  •      Trans. Bore Ø = Universal 4.85/4.910/4.685
  •      Engine = Ford 351m, 400, 429, 460
  •      Trans. = Universal Toploader/Borgwarner T-10/Short Shaft Ford TKO 500-600
  •      Clutch Ø = 12"
  •      Flywheel = 176 tooth
  •      Weight = 22#
  •      Universal fork brackets for diaphragm or cable linkage
  •      Has passed all SFI testing
  •      Pivot ball, fork brackets, grade 8 bolts, and full engine plate included
Covell Metalworking 1000-22 DVD - MIG Welding
(Part #2841022)

MIG Welding is widely used for car and motorcycle building and modification, but few people really understand how each of the variables affects the finished weld. This program can be easily understood by a beginner, but it covers information even seasoned professionals can learn from. Ron Covell goes through the entire process step-by-step, and gives clear descriptions of how each factor changes the weld, including wire speed, voltage, wire stickout, gun angle, travel speed, and gas flow. He also covers plug welds, patch panels, welding aluminum, and using flux core wire. You'll especially enjoy the special bonus section on Plasma Cutting!

70 Minutes 

Covell Metalworking 1000-21 DVD - TIG Welding
(Part #2841021)
                        TIG welding has been long recognized as the premiere welding process, which can make beautiful, strong welds on nearly any metal. In this easy-to-follow program, Ron Covell covers the basic processes used for TIG welding, covering proper machine setup, joint preparation, electrode selection and preparation, torch technique, and perhaps most importantly, what to check for when things go wrong! Ron's thoughtful description of the welding process, coupled with the close-up photography that brings the action into clear view makes the seemingly difficult process of TIG welding easy to understand.

80 Minutes 
Titan Tools 41265 Tekz Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
(Part #72841265)
  • Stars & Stripes Welding Helmet
  • Durable, light weight material is corrosion resistant and flame retardant
  • Ultra high performance filters protects against UV & IR
  • Automatically changes from a light to a dark state when arc in struck
  • Returns to normal when welding stops w/dark to clear adjustments available
  • Variable shades from DIN 9 to DIN 13
  • Outside sensitivity adjustments provide clear vision both prior and during welding
  • Special turnover headband mechanism allows for greater comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Utilizes high performance solar cells w/2 built-in 3V lithium batteries as power back-up
  • Complies with DIN, ISO, EN safety standards and ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards
  • Replacement Lenses: 4.5 x 3.5"