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2.3 Ford Round Tooth Timing Set

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Replacement belt HTD-11-RU
2.3 Ford Round Tooth Timing Set

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What's in the Box

If you are making serious power out of your 2.3 Ford engine, it will only be a matter of time before you strip the square teeth off a timing belt.

This round-tooth timing kit includes a lightweight aluminum adjustable upper sprocket, lower sprocket, auxillary shaft sprocket and round-tooth belt.

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1 answers

Does this 2.3 Ford Round Tooth Timng set fit the 95-97 2.3 ford ranger

April 16, 2015

Does this 2.3 Ford Round Tooth Timng set fit the 95-97 2.3 ford ranger


April 17, 2015
No this does not fit the later model 2.3L engines that are fuel injected. This is for the older carbureted 2.3L Ford engines.
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