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1983-Up Ford 2.3L Distributor Cap

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1983-Up Ford 2.3L Distributor Cap

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What's in the Box

Replacement cap for most 1983 and up 2.3 OHC Ford engines. For stock distributors.

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Moroso 73229 2.3L Ford Blue Max Spark Plug Wires
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The superiority of Moroso Blue Max 8mm, 800 ohm Spiral Core Wire comes from over 27 years of continual refinement. The combination of Moroso engineering expertise and a rigorous testing program makes this the finest ignition wire available for street or race. These sets are terminated at the plug end only and include enough wire length and terminals to fit HEI or Non-HEI distributors. You install the distributor ends. Wire color is blue.

  • Universal plug wire set
  • Optimized combination of capacitance, inductance and resistance provides spark energy and EMI protection
  • Eliminates interference with on-board electronics and provides static-free sound quality for car audio systems
  • Spark plug terminals and boots factory installed
  • You install distributor ends
  • Fits HEI or Socket style caps

Spiral Core Spark Plug Wire Installation Instructions (PDF)

1983-Up Ford 2.3L Ignition Rotor
(Part #91012227)
                        Replacement rotor for most 1983 and up 2.3 OHC Ford stock distributors.