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1967-69 Mustang Aluminum Radiator
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    Price: $129.99 - $139.99
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    Speedway Ford-Mopar Universal Radiator

    Leave it to Speedway to offer you a professional quality aluminum racing radiator at an affordable price. Check out these features:

    • All aluminum, furnace brazed construction - NO EPOXY, NO GASKETS
    • 2 rows of 1" aluminum tubes (out cools 5 rows of copper)
    • Maximum amount of fins per inch, allows greater heat transfer
    • Billet filler neck - not stamped
    • Available in 22", 24", 26", 28" or 31" (width measurements include tanks)
    • 19" tall

    In this Ford / Mopar Application the upper hose is located on the passenger side & the lower hose is located on the driver side.

    Speedy Bill recommends using a 32 lb. or less radiator cap and to check it regularly.

    Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance