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Gotta Show 131151 1965-79 Braided GM Power Steering Hoses

Gotta Show 131151 1965-79 Braided GM Power Steering Hoses

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These stainless steel braided power steering hose kits allow you to fit them to most 1965-1979 GM car & truck boxes with flare fittings.

  • 11/16" inverted flare pressure line fitting
  • 5/8" inverted flare return line fitting
  • 30" line lengths (can be shortened)

Power Steering Line Installation Instructions (PDF)  


The manufacturer has stated that any cracks on the line inside the 90° end are purely cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the product. Speedway technical support agrees with this.

Item Details

with Flare Fittings

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Red Line 30404 Power Steering Fluid
(Part #60710006)

Red Line Oil’s team of chemists and blenders formulate fully-synthetic oils and chemically-advanced additives using only the world’s finest base stocks. This makes Red Line Oil the premium product on the shelf. It’s not designed to be the cheapest – it’s built to be the best. Rather than cutting cost by blending into polyalphaolefin base stock for it’s motor oil, Red Line Oil only uses superior polyester-based products – resulting in lubricants that are extremely stable at high temperatures while providing superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced.

The world’s top racing team and most discriminating enthusiasts use Red Line Oil products exclusively. There may be a different sponsor on the outside, but chances are it’s Red Line Oil on the inside.

  • Helps prevent high-temperature steering fade
  • Helps prevent difficult low-temperature steering
  • Greater heat resistance
  • Helps prevent high-temperature boil-over
  • 50% greater high-temperature viscosity
  • 1/5th the high-temperature evaporation
  • Helps prevent leakage and squealing
  • 1/4th the oxidation of petroleum power steering fluids
  • Compatible with petroleums and synthetics
  • Also satisfies API 75W GL-4 gear requirements
5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump
(Part #6174830)

Zinc-plated steel banjo bolt assembly for the pressure connection (outlet) to the pump.

Fitting 617-4830 fits our:

  • P/S pump # 91032922-GM
  • P/S pump # 91032908-BLK  
  • P/S pump # 91032908-CHR

WARNING:  Fitting is designed to accept an AN-6 stainless steel braided wire high-pressure hose.

Power Steering Fitting, -6 AN to 1/2 Inch-20 O-Ring
(Part #6174823)
                        These steel fittings have a straight thread with o-ring on one side and the common AN6 on the other. Common to Ford rack and pinion and others.