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1965-1991 GM 525 Manual Steering Box w/ 3/4-30 Input Spline

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Top mount hole center to front of box=1.88", lower front mount hole center to front of box=2.50", lower rear mount hole center to front of box=5.38", lower mount hole to hole center=2.81".
1965-1991 GM 525 Manual Steering Box w/ 3/4-30 Input Spline
1965-1991 GM 525 Manual Steering Box w/ 3/4-30 Input Spline
1965-1991 GM 525 Manual Steering Box w/ 3/4-30 Input Spline
1965-1991 GM 525 Manual Steering Box w/ 3/4-30 Input Spline

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This Saginaw manual steering box fits many GM applications from 1965-1991 and probably many more. It accepts either our universal pitman arm (702-2940) or your stock GM arm (small style, like our 910-32552). Box has a 25:1 ratio (6.25 turns lock-to-lock) with a 3-13/16" long input shaft with 3/4" 30-splines.

  • Input shaft is 3/4"-30 spline
  • 6.25 turns lock to lock
  • 25:1 ratio
  • If you turn the input clockwise, the output also turns clockwise.
  • Stock specifications on this gear refer to it as 6 rounds lock to lock for a 24:1 ratio.
  • 36 Spline
  • 1.058 Diameter Top of Splines
  • 1.100 Diameter Middle of Splines
  • 1.124 Diameter Bottom of Splines

Note: Steering box is not adjusted at the facotry and therefore, it is necessary that the steering box be adjusted upon installation per the instructions as provided on the PDF instruction sheet.

1965-1991 GM Manual Steering Box Installation Instructions (PDF)


  1. This box can fit a lot of GM cars, plus it can work in a variety of street rod applications. When mounted behind the axle with the pitman arm forward, it steers like a Vega box. In many GM cars, it is mounted in front of the front suspension, with the pitman arm to the rear. Works well on vehicles weighing over 2500 lbs.

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  • This pitman arm is universal and is not designed to fit any OEM applications.
  • The small hole on this arm is double-tapered, meaning that it will accept a 7-degree tapered Ford tie rod end from either side.
  • The 'splined' hole measures approximately 1-1/16" on the side that fits toward the box.
  • For 1" splined shaft.


GM 605/525 Reconditioned Pitman Arm
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Here is the reclaimed pitman arm for your 605 power steering box or a 525 manual box. These have standard GM 7° taper in the small end.

1941-48 Ford Saginaw Steering Box Mount
(Part #91632004)

Mounts manual or power 1965-up Saginaw to 1941-48 Ford.

Current version of this bracket is not like pictured in our catalog or on the website. Instead of being square the sides are scalloped instead of being straight.  Bolt pattern and fit is still correct for this application.

916-32004 Instructions (pdf)