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1963-Up Chevy 6-Cylinder Chrome Valve Cover

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1963-Up Chevy 6-Cylinder Chrome Valve Cover

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Brilliant chrome steel valve cover for 194, 230, 250 and 292 Chevy inline 6 engines. 1966-1979 stock replacement style valve cover with baffled oil fill and crankcase vent holes.

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Offenhauser 5417 Chevy 6-Cylinder Finned Valve Cover
(Part #5605417)

This polished Offenhauser finned aluminum valve cover will shine up your 194-230-250-292 Chevy 6-cylinder from 1962-1975.

  1. This cover has one hole for a filler/breather. We suggest Twist-In Breather 550-2061.
  2. There are no "baffles" and no hole for a PCV valve. You would have to make your own hole.
  3. May have clearance issues with oversize valve springs.
  4. Please note that the valve cover is not polished between the fins on the top and in the side recesses on both sides of the valve cover.
Racing Engine Breather
(Part #91017084)

It's made of polished cast aluminum and is 4" tall. The base measures 1-3/4" x 4-3/4". The top of this breather is NOT removeable.  Breather includes a lower baffle plate in addition to featuring internal layer type baffle where one plate is over the other.  It allows the air to breath, but keeps the oil baffled below.

Includes mounting bolts/nuts, breather baffle plate, and gasket.

Breather Cut-Away View (GIF) 

Push-In Style Oil Breather Caps
(Part #5502068)

Each chrome push-in style oil breather cap fits factory and after market valve covers with a 1-1/4" diameter hole, with rubber grommet.


Grommet for Push-In Oil Breather, 1-1/4 Inch O.D., 3/4 Inch I.D.
(Part #5506377)

Our replacement 1-1/4" grommets are made of a black neoprene material for extended service life. Fits into a 1-1/4" valve cover hole.

Chevy 6-Cylinder Side Covers
(Part #7209342)
                        Chevy 6-Cylinder side covers. Chromed steel. 1963-1975 engines.  Fits 194, 230, and 250.  Does not fit 292.