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1962-1974 Mopar B & E-Body Spindles

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1962-1974 Mopar B & E-Body Spindles
1962-1974 Mopar B & E-Body Spindles

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1962-1974 Mopar B & E-Body Spindles

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These spindles will allow you to fit disc brakes to your 1962-1974 Mopar B and E-body car. Stock height, exact copy of originals. Includes caliper brackets. 

Note: Spindles require the use of 1973-up 11" rotors. 

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1962-1974 Mopar Disc Brake Backing Plates
                        Backing plates fits 1962-1974 Mopar B-Body and E-Body spindles. Exact copy of original dust shield.
11 Inch Mopar-Ford Brake Rotor

This rotor was OE on these models:

  • Chrysler
    • Cordoba 80-83
    • 5th Avenue 83-89
    • LeBaron 77-81
  • Dodge
    • Aspen 76-80
    • Challenger 73-74
    • Charger/Demon/Dart 73-76
  • Plymouth
    • Volare 76-80
    • Barracuda 73-74
    • Duster 73-76
    • Satellite 73-74
    • Gran Fury 82-89
Replacement Tapered Inner Wheel Bearing Cone

These steel inner bearing cones are replacement for our GM to Ford brake conversion bearing and seal kits. Fits tapered-bearing hubs. Works with stepped shaft spindles.

  • Steel
  • Inner bearing cones
  • High quality through hardened bearing steel for improved reliability
  • High grade rollers have improved profile and surface finish for increased life and reduced edge stress.
  • Replacement for 91031055, 91031052, 91031056, 91031051, and 91631901
  • Sold individually

These inner bearing cones are included in bearing and seal kits for these disc brake conversion kits:

  • Pre-1978 GM caliper to early Ford spindle
  • GM 11" rotor to Mustang II spindle
  • 1969-1977 GM 11" rotor to early Ford (1932-1948) spindle


Replacement Tapered Outer Wheel Bearing Cone, Speedway/Metric Chassis

These steel outer bearing cones are replacement for our 1979-81 GM bearing and seal kit (910-31048). Fits tapered-bearing hubs. Works with stepped shaft spindles. If you have straight shaft, you will need two outer bearings.

  • Steel
  • Outer bearing cones
  • Replacement for 910-31048
  • Sold individually