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1950 Pontiac LED Tail Light Assembly

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Mounts on a flat surface, requires two small holes for bolts and one larger hole for wires.
1950 Pontiac LED Tail Light Assembly
1950 Pontiac LED Tail Light Assembly

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Q & A

What's in the Box

1950 Pontiac, chrome rim with powerful red LED tail lights. These taillights are an excellent replacement for your '50 Pontiac or custom application.

  • 41 super bright red LEDs
  • Polished stainless steel housing
  • Epoxy coated, fully sealed electronics
  • Solid state circuit board for 12V systems
Taillight-to-body mount gasket NOT included.

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These LED tail light bulbs put out the light you're after, but don't get hot like normal bulbs. 1157 bulbs have staggered pins and 2 contacts on the plug. The tail light bulbs appear to be clear, but are red when illuminated.

LED bulbs are quite efficient and use such small amounts of power that a normal flasher will not work correctly. The use of LED's will almost always require the use of a special "low load" flasher like our 910-64110 (2-prong) or 910-64112 (3-prong.) 

Super Brite Quartz Halogen Tail Lamp 1157 Bulbs
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NOTE: Be Careful - Quartz Halogen bulbs emit substantial amounts of heat. Best if used with glass lenses and metal housings.

NEVER touch these bulbs with bare fingers! Smudges and skin oil will cause quick bulb failure. Wipe them with a cloth containing rubbing alcohol before use!

1950 Pontiac Tail Light Mount Gasket
(Part #91137057)

These '50 Pointiac tailmount gaskets will protect your 1950 Pontiac tail light from dirt, moisture, scratches, and corrosion with this original-style, quality black rubber reproduction gasket. 

  • Tail light-to-body mount gasket 
  • 1950 Pontiac passenger cars
  • OEM style replacement
  • High quality black rubber
  • Protects tail light and paint from scratches, moisture, and dirt
1950 Pontiac Tail Light Frenching Buckets
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These 1950 Pontiac, all steel tail light buckets allow you to "French" your '50 Pontiac taillights into the body. Welding & bodywork required.