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1947-53 Chevy Pickup Under Box Aluminum Fuel Tank

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Pick-up tube is AN6 with 1/4" NPT Vent Hose
1947-53 Chevy Pickup Under Box Aluminum Fuel Tank
1947-53 Chevy Pickup Under Box Aluminum Fuel Tank
1947-53 Chevy Pickup Under Box Aluminum Fuel Tank

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These 17 gallon aluminum fuel tanks are designed to be mounted under your pick-up box. The 1-1/2" filler neck will require a remote filler neck or fuel filler door in the box floor. They DO NOT accept the original truck fuel sending unit, but do accept the common sending unit provided with aftermarket gauge sets.

Measures 38" x 12" x 8-1/2".  The actual tank is 38" wide, the mounting tabs are 3" on each side of the tank.  The total width of this tank is 44" with the mounting tabs.

  • 1/4" female NPT for vent hose / fitting
  • Male AN# 6 fitting affixed to a pick-up tube threaded into tank with 3/8" NPT threads

Note: The pickup tubes are sealed into the tank to prevent leaks and removal will damage both the threads on the pickup tube as well as the tank fitting.


Please note that the pickup tube when installed into the tank is bonded in place and is not able to be removed from the tank.  If the pick up tube is removed, damage to the tank and pickup tube threads will occur.

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Billet Oval Fuel Fill Doors
(Part #91076520)

These billet aluminum fuel fill doors work great in a pick-up bed or any flat surface. Can be flush mounted. Oval.

The access door itself measures 5-1/2" long and 3" wide

The hole needed for mounting is approximately 1/8" smaller than the total length and width to allow a nice finished appearance when installed.

Includes studs, nuts and nylon spacers. No gas cap, gas filler or instructions are included.

Mounting hardware included: four studs, nuts and nylon washers.


Billet Rectangular Fuel Fill Door
(Part #91076522)
                        These billet aluminum rectangular fuel fill doors work great in a pick-up bed or any flat surface. Can be flush mounted. Outer dimensions measure 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" while the door itself measures 3-1/4" x 4-1/2".

Mounting hardware includes four studs, nuts and washers.
Fuel Tank Roll-Over Vent Valve
(Part #458400)

This safety device will automatically stop fuel flow if your car somehow gets upside down. Inside is a needle/ball seat which stops fuel flow out the vent if you get upside down.

  • Accepts 5/16" hose
  • Fits into 1/4" npt port
  • Measures 3" bottom-to-top
Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Flush Mount Fuel Fill
(Part #6179040)

This chrome plated stainless steel fuel fill can be flush mounted and includes a special opening key. Simple three hole mounting makes installation a snap.

Use with 1-1/2" I.D. hose (sold separately).

Stewart Warner 391A-F L Swing 10-15 Fuel Level Sending Unit-240/33 Ohm
(Part #665391A)
                        What brand of gauge will you use?
These Stewart Warner brand fuel senders are compatible with all Stewart Warner and Classic Instruments fuel gauges.

How deep is your tank?
Measure the depth of your tank where the fuel sender arm will be located. Choose the sender with an operating range which includes that dimension.

Right or Left-swing arm?
Most fuel gauge senders attach with a 5-screw pattern. Two of these screws are farther apart than the other three. Position yourself such that the 2 wider-spaced holes are closest to your chest; a right side sender will have the arm (or "float") extending to your right, and a left side sender will have the arm extending to your left. This only matters when replacing an existing sender. A first-time installation can use either one, just drill the mounting holes accordingly.

LH/RH Swing Guide (Link) 

The OEMs used several different resistance ranges for fuel level indication over the years. However, some of the aftermarket gauge manufacturers follow the common Stewart Warner values (240 ohm empty, 33 ohm full). The gauges and senders that we carry (385 & 391) use these standard Stewart Warner values.

Ohms Chart (Link)
Installation Instructions (PDF)

Fuel Cell Fuel Level Sending Unit, 240-33 Ohm, 8-1/2 Inch
(Part #4588240)

These bolt-in fuel level sending units feature a positive seal and a 2.3" O.D. bung. For Stewart Warner and Auto Meter style gauges with 240-33 ohm range.

Learn more about selecting the proper fuel sending unit by reading our tech article, Fuel Sending Units.

Billet Pop-Up Gas Cap
(Part #91012521)

Polished billet aluminum pop-up flush mount gas cap is 2-1/2" O.D., 1.600" tall, and works with a 1-1/2" hose.

The Pop-Up gas cap, 910-12521, does not have a vent hole.  Some air might get past the threads that hold the cap on, but there
is no dedicated venting passage.

910-12521 Dimensions (PDF)

Installation Hose Kit for 617-9040, 12 Inch Length
(Part #6179060-12)
                        Installation kit includes your choice of 4",  8" or 12" length of fuel resistant 1-1/2" diameter hose and two tube clamps.