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1940 Ford Red Glass Tail Light Lens, Passenger Car


Overall Height:
Overall Width:
Sold in Quantity:
Overall Thickness:
Lens Color:
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Bezel width is .15" around the whole piece.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Replace those old, cracked, or missing tail lights with these reproduction red glass lens.  They are replacement tail light lens for your 1940 Ford passenger car.

  • Original reproduction
  • 1940 Ford passenger car only
  • Red glass lens
  • Sold each



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1940 Ford Tail Light Mounting Gasket

Protect your 1940 Ford tail light from dirt, moisture, scratches, and corrosion with this original-style, quality black rubber reproduction gasket.

Sold as a pair.


1940 Ford Blue Dot Tail Light Lens, Passenger Car

These red glass tail light lens are replacements for your 1940 Ford passenger car.  They feature the classic Lynx-Eye blue dot in the center.  Gives a bright lavender appearance when brake light comes on.

  • Original replacements
  • 1940 Ford passenger car only
  • Classic Lynx-Eye blue dot in center
  • Red glass lens
  • Sold each



Super Brite Quartz Halogen Tail Lamp 1157 Bulbs
                        Replaces 1157 - 12 V tail lamp bulbs. 

NOTE: Be Careful - Quartz Halogen bulbs emit substantial amounts of heat. Best if used with glass lenses and metal housings.

NEVER touch these bulbs with bare fingers! Smudges and skin oil will cause quick bulb failure. Wipe them with a cloth containing rubbing alcohol before use!

Halogen Tail Light Bulbs, 1157 Offset Mounting Pins

Those other super bright, super high powered tail light bulbs may be easy to see, but they also generate enough heat to discolor your lens and burn the paint.

Halogen tail light bulbs are brighter than standard bulbs, but use less energy, which means they burn cooler. 12 volt only.

This bulb is shorter than a 1157 bulb and measures only 1-3/4" from bottom to end of the tip. From the pin to tip is 1-1/2".