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1939-48 Flathead Ford 2.138 Floating Rod Bearings .020

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1939-48 Ford Flathead Engine Rod Bearings, 2.138 Inch Journal Floating Type
1939-48 Ford Flathead Engine Rod Bearings, 2.138 Inch Journal Floating Type
1939-48 Ford Flathead Engine Rod Bearings, 2.138 Inch Journal Floating Type
1939-48 Ford Flathead Engine Rod Bearings, 2.138 Inch Journal Floating Type

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These engine rod bearings are what you need for building that Flathead Ford stroker.  They are 2.138" journal floating rod bearings, designed for use with 1939-1948 Ford Flatheads.

  • 1939-1948 Ford Flatheads
  • 2.138" journal floating rod bearings
  • Choose either standard size(STD), .010", .020", or .030" bearings


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Repeated torquing of your rod nuts fatigues the threads. Don't take a chance – replace your Flathead Ford V8's old fasteners with the superior strength and quality of ARP rod nuts. ARP specialty hardware can be found in NASCAR, NHRA and IndyCar racing applications, so you can be sure it's strong enough for your flathead.

  • Rolled threads, high strength steel, and black oxide finish  
  • A must when you rebuild your Flathead
  • Castle nut design may differ slightly in appearance from OEM
  • Fits '32-'53 Ford/Mercury V-8 engines using standard 3/8" rod bolts
  • Original flathead bolts are non-serviceable and must be reused
  • Set/16 nuts
ARP Main Bolts for Flathead Ford V8
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Your flathead Ford V8 is how many years old now? And you're thinking about reusing the main cap bolts? Forget it!

Years of service and re-torquing have undoubtedly fatigued your engine's original fasteners, so save yourself some grief by replacing them with new main cap bolts from ARP, the leader in automotive fastener technology. Sold in sets of six, these bolts have special washers and the strength you need to keep that Flathead together for decades to come.

  • The industry standard for automotive fasteners
  • Rolled threads, black oxide finish, ultra high tensile strength
  • Each kit consists of six (6) bolts and hardened washers
Speedway Flathead Ford Oil Pump, High Volume
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When you spend big bucks rebuilding and modifying a vintage flathead V8, you don't want to take chances on its oiling system. The longer gears on our high-volume oil pump give it 25-percent greater flow, ensuring that your high-performance Flathead gets the lubrication it needs. The HV pump may require oil pan modifications (see Notes tab for details).

Fits 1932-1953 Ford and Mercury flathead V8 engines.

1939-1948 Flathead Main Bearings
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Speedway Motors has all the parts you need to rebuild your Flathead Ford V8, including these high quality main bearings. Precision machined to the high standards demanded by today's rodders and restorers, these bearings for 1939-1948 "59A" Flatheads are available in standard size, .010-, .020 or .030-inch oversize.

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