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1936-53 Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust Baffles

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1936-53 Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust Baffles
1936-53 Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust Baffles
1936-53 Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust Baffles
1936-53 Flathead Ford V8 Exhaust Baffles

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Q & A

What's in the Box

A Speedway Motors exclusive! The center exhaust ports on flatheads are siamesed. Our baffles separate these two exhaust ports and prevent reversion while decreasing the dilution of the intake charge. These are a must for high-performance flatheads. The baffle is held in place with an extended stud that replaces the stock cylinder head stud. 

  • Manufactured from bronze to withstand high exhaust temperatures
  • Includes center adapter stud to pinch the baffle in place
  • Fitting required
  • Use on 1936-1953 24-stud engines only

916-15201 Instructions (PDF)

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                        If you're building a serious flathead for either street or racing, you need one of these flathead main cap supports. These supports include the support strap, spacers and new bolts for the center main cap. It adds an incredible amount of strength to the lower end. Can also be used on the front main cap but pan modification is required. Requires no machine work.
Fenton Flathead V8 Headers with Gaskets
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Fenton™ cast iron headers fit most Ford chassis from 1937-48 & 1952-53 with stock steering gear. Includes 5/16" steel collector flanges for exhaust pipe hook-up (for 2.00" O.D. pipe). Also includes gaskets.

Universal Fit for

  • 28-48 Ford cars
  • 52-53 Ford cars
  • Not ideal for 49-51 Ford car with stock steering
  • Some modification/grinding may be required for your application
Gaskets and Flanges Included

Header Dimensions (GIF) 

Application Note: These headers won't fit most Model T's or Model A's due to narrow the frame width, particularly on the passenger side. 1948-52 Ford F1 (1/2 ton) pick-ups will have interference with one bolt on the stock steering box. That bolt can usually be modified so that the headers can be used. The headers will not work in 3/4 ton or larger trucks from 1948-52. Most 1942-48 Mercury cars will require shimming of the motor mount for steering clearance.

Offenhauser Flathead Cylinder Head Stud Kit
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Highly recommended for all 1939-53 Flathead Ford/Mercury with aluminum heads. Flathead decks are thin and their threads are easily stripped. The outer end of these Grade 8 studs have fine threads and with the hardened washers (included) which prevent galling and ensure accurate torque readings.

Full set of head studs, nuts and washers for one engine. Specify year of engine: 1939-48 or 1949-53.

560-13953 Instructions (PDF)