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1934 Ford Headlights

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1934 Ford Headlights
1934 Ford Headlights
1934 Ford Headlights
1934 Ford Headlights
1934 Ford Headlights
1934 Ford Headlights

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Polished stainless steel. 12 volt H-5 bulb behind original lens, reflector with mounting studs. 9-1/4" diameter. Halogen bulb.

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1934 Ford Heavy Steel Chrome Bumper, Front or Rear
(Part #3401334)

These triple chome plated bumpers are designed to replace your old, rusted, bent, or missing 1934 Ford passenger car bumpers.  They fit both front and rear.

  • Original style replacement
  • 1934 Ford passenger cars
  • Triple chrome plated
  • Fits both front and rear
  • Overall length is 62-3/8"
  • Overall height of bumper surface is 3-1/2"
1934 Front Fender Front Brace, LH
(Part #3403034)
                        Heavy duty stamped steel. Also supports 1933-1934 Ford headlight. A must for strength and durability. Front brace for front fender. Not for pickup or truck.
1934 Ford Commercial Headlights, 12V Halogen, Stock 9-1/2 In Diameter
(Part #91131006)

These headlights feature a 12 volt quartz halogen bulb behind an original styled lens. They have a primered 1934 bucket with stainless steel rim. 9-1/2" diameter.

  • 12 volt quartz halogen bulb
  • Primered bucket with stainless steel rim
  • 9-1/2" diameter
  • Uses H-5 bulb

Note:  These headlights mount and are attached very similar to the 1928 thru 1934 headlights and also the King Bee or Dietz headlights. There is the rounded base with an adjustable slot where a carriage headed bolt passes thru from the inside on the body of the light. The bolt passes through the fender and fender brace or on a fender less car through the headlight stand or mount and has the nut and washer to lock in place. Stud size is .616 and nut size is .901 or 7/8”. Three wires pass through the center of this bolt for hook up to the power source and ground.

1933-1934 Ford Tail Light Brackets
(Part #91137009)
                        1933-1934 Ford tail light brackets. Chrome plated reproductions. Choose left or right. 

NOTE: Right hand has a hole for mounting a rumble step.

1934 Ford Chrome Radiator Trim Bezel
(Part #91132104)

These radiator bezels are faithful reproductions of the chrome trim piece for the top center of an original style 1934 Ford car grille shell. They are designed to correspond with our 1934 Ford radiator caps and emblems.

  • Faithful reproduction
  • Trim piece for the top center of OEM style 1934 grille shell
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Designed to work with our radiator caps (91132002) and emblems (91132109).

1934 Front Fender Front Brace, RH
(Part #3403134)
                        Heavy duty stamped steel. Also supports 1933-1934 Ford headlight. A must for strength and durability. Front brace for front fender. Not for pickup or truck.
1934 Ford Blue Oval Radiator Emblem
(Part #91132109)

These replacement Ford radiator emblems are made of chrome and blue porcelain, just like original. They are oval-shaped with classic Ford script. Fits 1934 Ford passenger car only.

  • OEM replacement
  • "Ford" script
  • Fits 1934 Ford passenger car only
  • Works with our 1934 Ford bezel (91132104)
  • Chrome and blue porcelain construction
  • Has stud and nut on back side
1934 Ford Replacement Radiator Cap, Passenger Car, Chrome
(Part #91132002)

These are original style replacement radiator caps for 1934 Ford passenger cars. They are not for pressurized cooling systems. These fin styled caps feature a chrome finish and match the hood/radiator chrome trim as expected.

  • OEM replacement
  • 1934 Ford passenger cars
  • Not for pressurized cooling systems
  • Chrome finish
  • Teardrop shape with rib running length of cap
  • 2-7/8” wide, 4” long, and 1-1/8” tall at high point of rib
  • Lock flange extends below cap into neck 1/2”
  • Lock tabs are on inside of neck similar to a gas cap and NOT on the outside as on later cars
  • 2-1/4” sealing surface O.D.  

Note:  Verify neck style on radiator to obtain correct cap for your application.


1933-34 Ford Passenger Car Chopped Headlight Stands
(Part #91113125)

These chopped headlight stands are for 1933-1934 Ford passenger cars. They feature a beautifully chrome plated or plain black steel finish.

  • Chopped stands
  • 1933-1934 Ford passenger cars
  • Mounts to top of front fenders
  • Beautifully chrome plated or plain black steel finish

Be sure to include our replacement headlight mount pads (7514013130) with your headlight stands.

1933-1936 Ford LED Tail Light Assembly
(Part #91137028)

Polished stainless steel housing with powerful red LED tail lights behind a glass lens. An excellent replacement or addition to your 1933-1936 Ford car. Also fits later model pick-ups and wagons. Choose right or left.

  • 19 Super Bright Red LEDs
  • Drivers side (Left side) includes a 5 LED White License Light
  • Polished stainless steel housing
  • Epoxy coated, fully sealed electronics
  • Solid state circuit board for 12V systems
1933-1936 LED Tail Light Installation Instructions (pdf)


Stainless Steel Headlight Conduit Set, 12 Inch
(Part #91131401)
                        Finish off your headlight wiring with these attractive and affordable polished stainless steel lengths of conduit. Conduit can be used to hide and protect fragile headlight, taillight or horn wires that are exposed to the elements. Two-piece set includes polished stainless ferrules to secure the conduit. Conduit measures 12" long with 3/8" I.D.