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1934 Ford Fiberglass Hood

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1934 Ford Fiberglass Hood

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What's in the Box

One piece top with side reveal puff line.  Fiberglass construction.

Note: This hood is an outer skin only and will require fabrication and additional mounting hardware.  You may be required to obtain original components for your application.

The slot and round hole at the front of the hood as pictured, that originally was for part of the grille shell and radiator cap, is not cut out. It is marked so the customer can cut it or do a little finish work and eliminate it for a custom application. 

  • The center body line is 35-3/8" long
  • Overall length at center line is 42-1/4"
  • Overall side length is 46"
  • Overall width at rear is approximately 45-1/2"
  • Overall width at front is approximately 19"

There is no inner structure in this hood, it is the outer shell only. There is no body puff line in the grille and radiator cap area like OEM hoods. 

This product is usually in stock. However, if it is not, please allow three to four weeks for delivery. 

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