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Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Kit Car Frame Assembly

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Includes frame rails, k member, front cross member, spring and shock mounts, and panhard bar mount.
Speedway 1932 Lo-Boy Roadster Kit Car Frame Assembly

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  • Item 97693250 is made to order. We will ship it from our warehouse when it is produced.



Q & A

What's in the Box

If you have ever wanted a 1932 Roadster but don't like the cramped cockpit, Speedway has the answer!  We started with a clean slate and no expense was spared in the development of this classic street rod. By stretching the frame and adding 2" to the length of the doors, you are able to get in and out of the car much easier. Also by moving the seating position back 2", you have much more leg room and a smoother ride than an original 1932 Ford. 

The custom 106" wheelbase chassis is a unique tubular design that channels the body over the frame rails and includes the front and rear crossmembers, center K-member, and rear Panhard bar frame mount (installed). Also installed on this frame are the headlight mounts, front upper shock mounts, front radius rod mounts, and front spring mounts.

This frame is made to order. Please call for an estimate on lead time.

  • Square tube steel frame rails
  • Front & rear tubular steel kick-ups
  • Tubular steel center K member
  • Welded, mounted suspension brackets include:
    • front crossmember
    • front spring perch
    • shock/headlight mounting tubes
    • front radius rod mounting brackets
    • center K member
    • rear spring mounting pads
    • rear shock mounting tabs
    • rear Panhard bar mount
    • fuel tank support tube (not installed)
    • under engine crossmember (not installed)
    • 4" drop transmission crossmember (not installed)


The Lo-Boy frame is designed to accept a spring-behind front tube axle with hairpin radius rods, a multi-leaf spring and tube shocks. Vega cross steering and Early Chevy spindles are also recommended for this kit. Chassis will accept most common solid rear axles, which are mounted using quarter elliptic leaf springs, lower torque arms, Panhard bar, and tube shocks. For maxium performance, use our hi-tech composite mono-leaf quarter elliptic springs.

The chassis is specifically designed to accept a Small Block Chevy engine and Turbo 350 transmission, but can be easily modified to accept a varitey of powertrains. In fact, we offer 4 different radiators for this kit:

  • S/B Chevy, Brass 
  • S/B Chevy, Aluminum H.D. 3 core
  • S/B Ford, Brass
  • Flathead Ford V-8, Brass


For more detailed build information, please refer to Lo-Boy Assembly Manual 973-86127. This detailed assembly manual will aid both novice street rodders as well as the expert car builder. Supplemental illustrations provided in this manual will make assembly of the Lo-Boy kit much easier. Cost of the manual is completely refundable upon purchase of the Lo-Boy kit.

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Lo-Boy Instruction Manual
(Part #97486132)

You too can build a first rate 1932 Roadster with ordinary tools! This manual shows you how to do it, what you'll need and where to find it. It's full of photos, diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Should you purchase the Lo-Boy kit, the cost of the manual is completely refundable.

142 pages, b&w pictures w/ wiring schematics.

1932 Lo-Boy Small Block Chevy Engine Mount Option
(Part #97418932)

Stuff a S/B Chevy into your '32 Lo-Boy and you'll have one wild ride! For even more performance and a more compact installation, use our LS-series engine adapter brackets (916-18016) to mount Chevy's late model all-aluminum V-8.

Kit includes (2) frame adapter brackets & (1) fiberglass firewall distributor recess bulge.

Lo-Boy Front Axle Assembly
(Part #97439931)

This spring-behind front axle assembly is a direct bolt-in for our '32 Lo-Boy frame. Kit features a tube axle, classic 27" hairpin radius rods, and 31" standard eye multi-leaf spring. Spring mounts, lower shock mounts, and all hardware are included. For use with 1949-54 Chevy spindles.

Parts in this kit are unfinished bare steel and must be painted or powdercoated.

1932 Lo-Boy Chrome Front End Kit
(Part #97439932)

Add some extra flash to your '32 Lo-Boy Roadster with this complete chrome front end kit. Choosing this popular option will get you the combination of three Lo-Boy kits in one: Front Axle Assembly 974-39931, Spindle Kit 974-31932 and Cross Steering Kit 974-32932.

Chrome plated items are simply substituted in for the plain ones in the basic kits. See Features tab for complete chrome list.

1932 Ford Lo-Boy Rear End Mounting Kit
(Part #97449932)

This kit links your rear axle to the '32 Lo-Boy frame mounts using quarter elliptic springs, upper radius rods & a Panhard bar. Quarter elliptic springs not included in kit (sold separately). Builder can cut their own springs from a pair of factory leaves as well. For maximum performance, use Composite Quarter Elliptic Mono-Leaf Springs 974-49934.

See Notes tab for complete kit list. 

Composite Quarter Eliptic Mono Leaf Springs
(Part #97449934)

Composite springs are the new wave of performance spring material. They are lighter than steel, respond faster, last up to 5 times longer, and will not rust or corrode like traditional leaf springs. The monoleaf design also ensures noise and friction-free performance, while providing the softest, smoothest ride imaginable.

  • For use with '32 Lo-Boy Roadster kit and '27 Track-T Roadster kit
  • Weighs 60% less than similar steel leaf springs
  • Will not de-arch with age as most steel leafs do
  • Will not corrode