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1932 Ford Triangulated Rear 4-Link Kit

1932 Ford Triangulated Rear 4-Link Kit
1932 Ford Triangulated Rear 4-Link Kit
1932 Ford Triangulated Rear 4-Link Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Trianglated rear 4 link kit made for '32 Fords that fits a 3" axle tube. Mounts the forward brackets to the inside of your frame and eliminates the use of a Panhard bar. Adjustable bars feature urethane bushing rod ends. Three-position adjustable shock mount makes it easy to set the proper ride height.

Sold as a kit.

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Deluxe Coil-Over Rear Suspension Kit, Plain Finish
(Part #91649060)

This rear suspension kit is loaded with high quality components from Speedway and Carrera. Kit includes a steel panhard bar, chrome plated Carrera coil-over shock assemblies, bare steel 32" radius rods, and all mounting brackets and hardware. The Carrera 3-way adjustable, gas pressurized and radial tuned shocks provide an excellent ride. Welding is required for assembly.

  • Kit includes:
    • Steel panhard bar
    • Chrome plated Carrera coil-over shock assemblies
    • Bare steel 32" radius rods
    • All mounting brackets and hardware

Comes with your choice of spring rate. Use the Spring Rate Guide and Coil-Over Mounting guide to select to proper rate for your vehicle.

Spring Rate Guide (GIF) 

Coil-Over Mounting Guide (GIF) 

916-49060 Instructions (PDF)

Speedway Model T, A, 1932-34 Four-Bar Rear Suspension Kit, Plain Steel
(Part #91649055)

Features heavy wall 21-1/2" rods with plain steel brackets. Exclusive sandwich-style brackets give greater bar support and incorporate a multi-position lower coil-over mount. 

Complete kit includes: mild steel rods, steel brackets, bushed rod ends, and hardware. Lower coil-over shock mount stud not included. The nuts & bolts supplied in this kit are NOT polished or plated.

  • Rod length is 21-1/2"
  • Center-to-center of 4-bar eyelets is 5.5"
  • Bracket width is 1.39"

This kit comes in two varieties:

  • TA - to fit narrow frames such as Model T or Model A
  • 3234 - to fit wider frames such as 1932-1934 Ford

Note:  Four bar rear suspension kits require the use of a side to side control such as a panhard bar or a watts link component.

916-49055 Instructions (PDF)

Long Coil-Over Shock Mount Support
(Part #91636011)

Speedway offers this fully engineered shock mount. The 5/8" forged button head bolt looks good while offering maximum support.  The 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" billet aluminum support spacer has internal threads. This allows you to properly support this shock without crushing the bushing like others do, which leads to shock failures. There's a reason major chassis builders use this mount.

  • Billet aluminum
  • 5/8"-18 x 6" forged button head bolt
  • 5/8"-18 nylon locking nut
  • 6" from base of head to end of threads
  • 1-1/4" shock mount base
  • 1.5 O.D., .650" I.D. flat washer
  • Safely mounts to brackets 1/2" thick
  • Includes required washers, nylon lock nut, and longer mount bolt
  • Uses an Allen head wrench for holding it while tightening
  • Mount kits sold individually
  • Sold as Each (1)

916-36011 Instructions (PDF)


Universal Rear Sway Bar Kit
(Part #91649019)

Universal rear sway bar fits frame up to 45" wide, which makes it ideal for many 1928-1948 street rod applications. Both the 1-1/4" diameter shaft and the 2" O.D. weld-in frame tube can be shortened for narrower frames. The billet aluminum arms are not splined - they are held on by drilling the shaft and inserting a bolt all the way through the end of the shaft.

Includes bushings, 3/8" adjustable rod ends and all hardware. Welding required.

Bare 56 Inch Centered 9 Inch Ford Housing w/ Axles
(Part #91046110)

Our economical 9" Ford rear axle housing features a reclaimed center section, new 3" axle tubes, and new-style Ford ends. Total track width is 56" from hub-to-hub.   The pumpkin is centered in the housing, which puts the pinion offset 2-3/8" from center

Includes a set of Currie 31-spline heat-treated, forged alloy axle shafts. Wheel bolt patterns are dual drilled for 5 on 4 1/2" Ford and 5 on 4 3/4" Chevy, and an access hole is drilled. Axles come with a full installation package which includes one set of five 1/2"-20 Ford style wheel studs, one set of five 7/16"-20 Chevy style wheel studs, one set-20 tapered roller bearing with race, seal, & collar, and one heavy duty late model large bearing style retainer plate. Axle bearing does not come pressed onto the axle shaft, and wheel studs are not installed.

Third member sold separately.