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1932 Ford Grille Insert, Chopped

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Stainless Steel
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No crank hole.
1932 Ford Grille Insert, Chopped

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This fully polished stainless steel 1932 Ford Lo-Boy grille insert is chopped 4-1/2" and has no crank hole. 23" tall and 17.5" at the widest point.  Please note that this insert is provided to be applicable and used in conjunction with the chopped grill shell # 974-51532 only.   Fitment is not guaranteed for any other grill shell application or brand other than # 974-51532

Item Details

Chopped 4-1/2" to fit 1932 Lo-Boy fiberglass grille shell #97451532

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4-1/2 Inch Chopped 1932 Lo-Boy Aluminum Radiator
(Part #9173425)

Latest high efficiency core designed with Chevy-style outlets. Perfect fit with Lo-Boy grille shell and grille insert. Super duty, all aluminum construction is ideal for high compression or supercharged engines.

  • 2 rows of 1" furnace brazed cores
  • TIG welded brackets
  • Internal automatic transmission cooler
  • 1-1/2" upper inlet & 1-3/4" lower outlet
  • Height:  22-1/2"
  • Width:  17-1/2" w/o brackets
  • Thickness @ Core:  2-17/64"
  • Core:  16-1/4" W x 17-1/4" T
  • Trans Cooler Ports:  1/8"-27 NPT
  • Hose Nipple on Filler Neck:  5/16" O.D.
  • Accessory Port on Lower Tank:  1/2"-14 NPT
  • passenger side lower hose (1-3/4"), driver side upper hose (1-1/2")

Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance

1932 Ford Chopped Grille Shells
(Part #97451532)

This 1932 Lo-Boy grille shell features a full hood mounting lip and has the filler cap/trim piece area smoothed over. Fiberglass construction. 4-1/2" chopped from stock height.

  • Height for radiator to fit through is 27-1/2"
  • Wide for radiator is 18-3/4"
  • Overall width = 8"
  • Depth of the grill from front = 1-3/4"
  • Depth of the grill from rear = 3-5/8" 

This product is made to order-quantities may vary. Please allow three to four weeks lead time.