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1931 Ford Model A Steel Side Splash Panel

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1931 Ford Model A Steel Side Splash Panel
1931 Ford Model A Steel Side Splash Panel
1931 Ford Model A Steel Side Splash Panel
1931 Ford Model A Steel Side Splash Panel

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a pair.



Q & A

What's in the Box

These replacement side splash panels feature one-piece steel construction.  They match original specs to ensure a quality fit and the right look for your 1931 Model A Ford.

  • One-piece steel construction
  • Original specs
  • Replacement for 1931 Model A

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1931 Ford Model A Running Boards & Braces
(Part #103A184B1SS)

These reproduction steel running boards and running board braces are made to look great on your 1931 Ford Model A.

  • Overall length inside and outside edge is 39-1/4”
  • Width at rear is 9”
  • Width at front is 11-3/8”
  • Covered in a designed rubber mat
  • Braces available for front or rear, left or right.

Don't forget to purchase our steel Ford Running Board brace to go along with your running boards.


Tanks Inc 30EZ 1930-31 Ford Model A Apron Fill Saddle Fuel Tanks
(Part #91073031)

Upgrade the fuel system on your Model A with these specially made fuel tank kits for 1930-31 Fords. Easy bolt-on installation and quality poly construction make these fuel tanks the perfect addition to your street rod. The tanks simply bolt on along with your running boards. Then cut a 1-1/2" hole in your splash apron, install the included grommet and 1-3/4" diameter billet cap/plugs, and finally plumb and wire the tanks.

To fill your Model A saddle fuel tanks, remove billet cap/plug, insert fuel nozzle through grommet and into the push-thru cap. It will open to let fuel pass through. When finished, remove the fuel nozzle and the push-thru cap shuts. Now just insert the billet plug and you're finished.

  • Bolt on with running board brackets
  • 6.5 gallon capacity per side
  • Includes switchover valve to switch between left/right tank
  • Requires two 5-bolt senders - not included
  • Push-thru cap does not have to be removed for filling
  • Works on Model A cars and trucks
  • Each tank measures 38" x 7" x 9-3/4"
  • The saddle tank design does not work well with fuel injection

Note: These are designed to work on original style frames and may not work with Speedways new model A frames.