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1930-31 Ford Model A Dropped Headlight Bar, Stainless


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What's in the Box

These dropped style stainless steel headlight bars are for 1930-1931 Fords.  They feature a 4 inch drop and connect fender to fender to support your headlights, just like the originals.  These bars come with a highly polished stainless finish.

  • 1930-31 Fords
  • Top width (flange tip to flange tip) 43"
  • Bottom width (flange tip to flange tip) 38-3/4"
  • 43-1/8" Long
  • OEM # A-13114-BD
  • Highly Polished Stainless Steel 4" Dropped Headlight Bars for Street Rods

Note: If you intend to use this light bar on your 1930-31 Model "A" using a 1932 grille shell and insert, it will require considerable modification. The 1932 grille insert has a "V" shape, while the 1931 grille does not. The modifications required include cutting, welding, bending and polishing.

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1930-31 Ford Model A Cowl Light Turn Signal Adapter

Adapt original cowl lamps and oil side lamps to turn signals. Features a 12 volt dual element bulb. Chrome steel reflectors (not plastic).

Steel 1930-31 Ford Model A Radiator Splash Apron, Stock Style

Stock style 1930-31 Ford Model A steel splash aprons for radiators. Measures 5-1/2" below the grille shell when measured at the center.

1930-1931 Ford Model A Closed Car Outside Rear View Mirrors

These Ford closed car exterior rear view mirrors have an adjustable hinge pin mount. They mount to the outside door hinge with a new pin that replaces the original hinge pin. They are all chrome and feature a 4” diameter mirror head and an 8” arm for good visibility.

  • Works for both left and right sides 
  • 1930-1931 Ford Closed Cars
  • Chrome finish
  • 0 .228" Pin O.D.
  • 1.778" I.D. Opening for Hinge
  • 4" diameter
  • 8" long arm


1928-1931 Ford Model A Blue Dot Tail Light Lens

These replacement red glass taillight lens for '28-'31 Model 'A' Fords feature a blue glass dot accent in the center. The blue dot features a chrome trim ring around it.  These style tail lights were popular for many decades as an aftermarket feature.  Gives a bright lavender appearance when brake light comes on.

  • Original replacements
  • 1928-31 Ford Model A
  • Classic Lynx-Eye blue dot in center
  • Red glass lens
  • Sold each
  • Mounting gasket sold separately
1930-31 Ford Model A Radiator Stone Guards
                          This radiator stone guard is made of fully polished stainless steel. Available for 1930 or 1931 Ford Model A.                     
Steel 1930-31 Ford Model A Radiator Splash Apron for 1932 Grille

1930-31 Ford Model A steel splash apron for use with 1932 Ford grille shell.

1930-1931 Ford Model A Closed Car Outside Locking Door Handles

These locking 1930-1931 curved mount exterior door handles from Vintique fit either left or right side. They secure to the car door with two screws and a 5/16" attachment shaft.  These door handles are the perfect finishing touch to your stock or modified Model A. 

  • Chrome plated steel
  • Locking with keys included
  • left and right are the same
  • High quality steel material


1928-1931 Ford Model A LED Tail Light

Made of polished stainless steel with glass lens. This LED tail light is an excellent replacement or addition to your 1928-1931 Model 'A'. Choose right or left.

  • 19 Super Bright Red LED's
  • Drivers side (Left side) includes a 4 LED White License Light
  • Epoxy coated, fully sealed electronics
  • Solid state circuit board for 12V systems 

1928-1931 Tail Light Installation Instructions (pdf)

1930 Ford Model A Fiberglass Front Fenders

Quality fiberglass front fenders for 1930 Model A with short splash apron. Specify left or right.

Truck Freight Shipping Charges Apply - click here for details

Lokar HL-1900 Anchor-Tight Stainless Steel Headlight Braid

No, this is not just another headlight conduit! This is Lokar's design technology for "U-Cut-to-Fit", non-kinking stainless steel headlight braid. Designed with threaded steel studs to insure that you won't experience any of the typical separation between braid and fitting that shows unsightly wires out in the open. Pull, tug or bump your headlight braid and it will stay in place, leaving you with protected wires and a clean set up. Kit comes complete with two 14" flexible braided stainless steel Teflon-lined housings, threaded STEEL studs, billet aluminum fittings, aluminum grill shell washers and four 26" headlight wires.

  • Non-kinking stainless steel
  • Threaded steel studs to insure no separation between braid and fitting
  • Comes complete with:
    • (2)Two 14" flexible braided stainless steel Teflon-lined housings
    • Threaded STEEL studs
    • Billet aluminum fittings
    • Aluminum grill shell washers
    • (4)Four 26" headlight wires
1930-31 Ford Model A Dropped Headlight Bar Kit, Stainless
                        Get everything you need to complete your  dropped headlight bar installation with this convenient kit!  All for  one money saving price.

  • 911-21809 - Stainless Headlight Bar
  • 751-A13130BS - Rubber mounting pads
  • 751-A13130SS - Hardware kit
1930-31 Ford Model A Headlight Bar Rubber Pads

Fit these headlight bar pads in between the headlight bar and the fender on your 1930-31 Ford Model A. These pads should not be visible when properly installed. They feature quality rubber material to protect your fender and finish with NO BEAD on the outer edge for a clean, professional look.

  • 1930-31 Ford Model A
  • Not visible when properly installed
  • Quality rubber material
  • NO BEAD on the outer edge for a clean, professional look
1928-1931 Ford Model A Headlight Bar Bolts

These stainless bolts/hardware are for 1928-1931 Model A Ford headlight bars. They come as a set of four bolts, washers, and nuts, to fasten one complete bar.

  • Stainless steel
  • Set of four bolts, washers, and nuts
1930-31 Ford Model A Style Headlights, Stainless Steel

These polished stainless steel headlights work with 1930-31 Model A Fords.  They feature a 12 volt quartz halogen bulb behind the original lens. The light is 9"  in diameter and attach to the headlight bar with the long bolt thru the bottom and then through the bar.

The wires on the Model A headlight come out the back side thru a brass fixture that will accept the common conduit used on the Model A’s. This would be an excellent choice and we also offer others with the wires exiting the light through the attachment bolt if desired.

This headlight features a high output Halogen H4 dual filament bulb that is replaceable under part number 91064193. It does have high and low beam function. 

  • Halogen
  • 9" diameter
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 12 volt quartz bulb