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1928-1931 Model A Closed Car Windshield Frame, Plain

Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Overall Height:
Width A:
Width B:
Mounted Depth:
Channel Depth:
Channel Width:
Includes top hinge. Glass and rubber not included.
1928-1931 Model A Closed Car Windshield Frame, Plain

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Mr. Roadster 1928-31 Ford Model A windshields are made of extruded aluminum. Measures 16" tall, 44-1/2" wide at the bottom, and 45-3/8" wide at the top. These windshields have hinges at the top to allow them to open.

  • '28-'29
    • 5-window
    • Special Sport & Business Coupes
    • Tudor Sedan
    • Sedan Delivery
    • Taxi
    • Station Wagon
    • 2-door Sedan w/ vacuum wiper
    • Closed Cab 1/2 ton Pickup
  • '30-'31
    • Station Wagon
    • Murray Town Sedan
    • Briggs Standard & Deluxe Sedan slant windshield
    • Murray 4-door vertical windshield
    • 5-window & Sport Coupes
    • Tudor Sedan
    • Closed Cab Pickup
    • Sedan Delivery
Note: No glass or windshield rubber included with these windshield frames.

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Product Q&A

2 questions : 2 answers

1 answers

how do you mount the sliders

san diego california
April 10, 2011

how do you mount the sliders


April 15, 2011
We have found that many of our customers wish to use these frames without the Sliders and Hardware. Therefore, we provide the frame without those holes drilled. If you wish to install the Sliders (not provided with the Frames, and we do not offer them separately) you would first need to position your windshield frame in the cars’ body. Be sure the hinge at the top is secured to the header as it will be in the final installation. Hold your slider brackets against the back of the windshield frame in the position that allows the slotted sliders to be in the vertical “latched” position. Mark the windshield frame where the attaching screws will need to be positioned. Very carefully, drill the holes for the securement screws in the windshield frame. Many people will use a nice, short, self-tapping screw to hold the brackets in place. I have spoken with a few people who made a piece of aluminum that could be slipped inside the windshield frame and which they drilled and tapped to allow short machine screws to thread into and thus secure the Slider Brackets in that fashion. Either procedure will suffice, it is up to you to decide if the additional effort is worth it. The windshield frames that are made of solid aluminum can of course be tapped for threads (but be careful to not go too deep and mark the front side of the windshield frame). Use a “Bottoming Tap”. I hope you find this explanation satisfactory.
1 answers

Can the frame be 'chopped'

August 01, 2011

Can the frame be 'chopped'


August 03, 2011
These windshields for the closed cars come in standard dimensions as listed. They can be chopped just like they have done for decades as they come apart for glass installation. Speedway offers custom windshield frames at a minimal fee and on special order are only available in plain finish and up to the customer for the polishing. Feel free to call and visit with a tech in our windshield department for any further assistance.
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