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1923-25 Model T Door

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1923-25 Model T Door

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This door will make the entry and exit much easier on your Model T roadster. Fits our T bodies as well as those from other manufacturers. For entire kit, see our '23-'25 T Optional Door Kit # 900-2202.

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Round Rock, TX, USA
Product Rating

I used one on my T bucket roadster 1932.

July 20, 2014
Yes I used one on my car, it took some doing for the frame, but the frame needs better support around the hinge area and the door needs reinforce better when it came out of the mold y'all did not take care to make straight it's in a twist I had to modify to fix it.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

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1 answers

How much trouble is it to add this to a t bucket?

May 13, 2011

How much trouble is it to add this to a t bucket?


May 16, 2011
The hard thing about this door is not to over cut the opening in your T body, before doing any cutting to your body you will need to support from side to side so that the body cant loss the shape this brace should be placed just behind the opening of the door. Give yourself room to be able to work around the door The front will hold the shape because of the dash and firewall. Cut the opening the same size of the door so that you can sand the jam to proper door gap You will need to make a inter panel for the door and the body to give the body strength and hold the shape this will need to be glued into place and cover with fiberglass so it is bonded to the door and body panels. Plus using hard wood will give the hinge bolts and lathes something to bit into when mounting. Make sure that the top and bottom hinge pins line up this is very important the bottom hinge will be out feather then to top because of the shape of the body you may want to rotor the wood where the hinge plate sets to make your hinge set flush
2 answers

is this a left hand side or only right?

Paradise ,ca
February 03, 2012

is this a left hand side or only right?


July 21, 2014
Only the Right.
February 03, 2012
This door is for right side only, it doesn't flow with the body lines on left side
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  • Speedway bodies purchased after May 1, 1996 use NEW style
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This product is usually in stock. However, if it is not, please allow three to four weeks for delivery. 

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