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15 Inch Billet-Style Oval Air Cleaner, Flame Top


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What's in the Box

This highly polished aluminum air cleaners have the look of billet without the expense. Available with flame top.

Measures 3" high, 8-3/8" wide. Fits 5-1/8" single quad air horns.

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Ball Milled Billet Aluminum Oval Air Cleaner, 12 Inch

Theses highly polished aluminum air cleaners have the look of billet without the expense. This 12" Ball-Milled Air Cleaner is cast aluminum, approximately 1/4" thick, polished, and the grooves you see are actually ball-milled. Even the base is 1/4" cast aluminum and polished. Fits carburetors with 5-1/8" air horns.  Measures 12" long x 8-3/8" wide x 3" high.

  • Ball-Milled Air Cleaner
  • Highly polished cast aluminum
  • Fits carburetors with 5-1/8" air horns
  • 1/4" thick
  • 12" long x 8-3/8" wide x 3" high
SuperSeal Air Cleaner Base Gasket

Seals between air cleaner and standard 5-1/8" air horn. Prevents dirt from entering your engine. Reusable SuperSeal™ has stainless steel ring embedded in durometer-tested neoprene rubber. Won't collapse, tear or lose its shape.

SuperSeal Illustration

Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor Throttle Stop
                        Think of how many times you cycle the throttle pedal in the course of a year and how hard you mash it. Putting a stop in front of the throttle arm keeps the arm from over traveling which bends the arm, butterflies and shaft, plus it helps reduce wear on the base plate. 

These are not so much a driving aid, but money saver. Fits Holley 4 barrel carbs. 

12 Inch Oval Chrome Air Cleaner

Just the ticket to top off your chromed out engine. Fits 5-1/8" carb necks which includes most 4 barrel Holley, Edelbrock, Demon, Q-jet and or Ford carbs (also fits Holley & Ford 2-bbl carbs with 5-1/8"neck).

Measures 12" long x 8" wide x 3-1/8" high with a 2" tall element. Includes carb stud and wing nut.

Single Quad Replacement Filter Element
  • Outside Dimensions:  14-1/2" x 7-3/4" 
  • Inside Dimensions:  12-5/8" x 5-7/8"
  • Height:  2"
  • Filter Material:  paper