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Priority Start 12-Volt ProMax Deluxe Automatic Battery Protector

Priority Start 12-Volt ProMax Deluxe Automatic Battery Protector

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What's in the Box

This amazing, patented, made in USA device will automatically disconnect your battery from your vehicle's electrical system if it discharges to a predetermined level. This still gives you sufficient power to restart your vehicle at a later time. This cut-off level means no more dead batteries due to lights or radio left on accidentally, small battery loads that drain a battery over time, defective circuits that sap power even when the engine is off, extended vehicle storage, etc. Ingenious circuitry then automatically reconnects the system when you get in and turn the key - and with the battery's full power the engine spins over easily and starts, whether after 10 minutes, 10 weeks or more!
  • Automatic battery reconnect
  • Simple installation
  • Safety and convenience
  • Maximizes battery life
  • Designed for under-hood environment
  • Engine run & hazard light protection
  • Starting surge & polarity protection
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • One universal design fits both top-post or side-post batteries
  • Ability to use accessories when engine is off
  • Gives great peace of mind: You and your loved ones need never fear being stranded in the dark or cold, remote or "bad" part of town
  • Maintains battery voltage in vehicles that see prolonged storage

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Assembly Instructions (PDF)